Japanese man gets his right eyeball tattooed by a Filipino artist (GMA News Online)


Getting his left eyeball tattooed in Canada was a bit too expensive so for his right eyeball, Japanese Otomamay Haruki did a little research and found that Skin Works Tattoo joint, owned by Philippine Tattoo Artists Guild Inc. president Ricky Sta. Ana can perform the sensitive procedure for a more affordable price in the ballpark figure of P50,000.

Otomamay came to Manila, sought out Skin Works, and after signing the waiver, had Beng Espiritu perform the task. Espiritu took less than 30 minutes to finish the procedure on Otomamay’s right eye.

Check out photos below:


Otomamay Haruki of Japan showing his eyes before the tattoo procedure.
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Otomamay Haruki of Japan and Ricky Sta. Ana of Skin Works
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Otomamay Haruki with Ricky Sta. Ana and the roster of Skin Works Tattoo artists, including Daenee Bartolome, the first Filipina tattoo artist to join the Vancouver Tattoo and Culture Show.
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Otomamay Haruki uses his left pointer finger to focus his eye as the tattoo artist injects the black ink in Skinworks Pasay on Friday.
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Beng Espiritu of Skin Works preparing for the procedure
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Beng Espiritu prepares to inject the ink to Otomamay Haruki's right eyeball in Skinworks Pasay on Friday
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Otomamay Haruki of Japan shows his eyes as the ink slowly spreads in his right eye for his eye ball tattoo in Skinworks Pasay on Friday.
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